Sunday 22 January 2012

A quick question...

If you want to find something that you have seen previously on my blog, how do you go about finding it?
Do you use the labels or archives in the side bar or the search box or something different?

I want to tidy the sidebars up and just wondering how useful the archives/labels actually are?

All feedback is welcomed, I want it to be easy for you to find and for the page to look less messy, so help me out if you can, cheers



  1. For me on my own blog (which I use as a diary or milestone record etc for myself) I find my labels are not that helpful and I always use the search box.

  2. Search or use the labels. Hope you are having a good weekend

  3. Honestly, since I use google reader to read all blogs, usually if I see something I like the first time, I star it so I can find it easier later or I type in what I am looking for....

  4. I use labels and the archives as I often want to take a look at what you have done when Ebi-kun was a certain age. Thanks. Amanda

  5. Hi Jo!

    I just went through this with my blog! Yes, I have a search box, and I have my list of labels (which I tried to condense!) but I also show my archived posts by title.

    What you might want to do is start making PDFs of some of your content (an ebook). I'm doing this for all my Montessori and special needs posts (almost done!), and I just made a PDF download for all my "Should you Montessori Homeschool?" faqs. Feel free to look over my blog for ideas!

  6. I always use the search box and the labels

  7. I always use the search box.
    I like the labels, they give an visual representation of what is on your blog since the are weighted by volume of posts. I think they are useful for the casual browser or new visitor to your site.


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