Friday 23 March 2012


What is the significance of this number? Have a guess below and I will pick a winner in the morning, if there is more than one correct entry or no correct answers I will use to select a winner.
The Prize? A surprise!
Open to anyone, anywhere, because I am nice like that
BUT you must include a contact address

PS. I have taken the stupid word verification off the comments, never mind bots not being able to read it, I have enough trouble, if I manage to get it first time I feel like running a lap of the living room! The comment moderation is still on though, so your comment won't appear immediately.


  1. Hello, I found you through pinterest. I'm going to say that it's been that long since you quit something big like smoking.


  2. It's an illuminated manuscript (the calendar of 354) that's supposed to be the first book in the format we know.

  3. Usually the 354th day of the year is my birthday, but this year because of leap year you have an extra day to plan my celebration.

  4. Hmmmm.. Is it the number of jelly beans in the jar?

  5. Sales at your store!

    Yay for no word verification, I hate capcha on a phone

  6. The number of hours until Ebikun enter in elementary school :)


  7. Number of posts.
    of the date your husband proposed - 4pm on 5th of March

  8. number of posts.
    when hub proposed - 4pm on 5th of March.
    but I think Beatriz might be right.

  9. It's the number of days till my son's 21st birthday but for you perhaps it's the number of blog posts?


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