Saturday 24 March 2012


what is 

it's been that long since you quit something big like smoking. 
Nope, never smoked.

It's an illuminated manuscript (the calendar of 354) that's supposed to be the first book in the format we know.

Usually the 354th day of the year is my birthday, but this year because of leap year you have an extra day to plan my celebration.
No, not that I have ever worked it out that way.

Is it the number of jelly beans in the jar?
Maybe, somewhere in the universe, but not here!

Sales at your store!
Nope, over at Etsy it is at 605

The number of hours until Ebikun enter in elementary school :)
This is the closest answer, but no. 

The number of menus of your new oven
It could be, I have no idea!

Number of posts.
Nope, this is post 1832

The date your husband proposed - 4pm on 5th of March
Erm, should I admit I can't remember the date he proposed?

The number of emails you received
no, way off!

OK, time to put you out of your misery.... it is the number of items so far that I have written Ebi-kun's name on ready for school! Yes, that is 354 items AND I haven't finished yet. The next post has all the details.

So a winner...

Congratulations Medea!


  1. I order some stickers to do the job easier and I love them, they are so well made that even in the googols they don't go out. and all the sizes . i also use a hanko for the math ring cards. good luck.

    1. I didn't actually handwrite them all, I have a stamp!

  2. Yay! So exciting! For me I mean, hundreds of items to label sounds like a nightmare. If I start now and do one a day I may finish right when my Spinky starts school. Frightening!

  3. Simply unbelievable!!! All those labels!!! Every single one of them... I had a passing thought that it was the number of bags you would have to make for a new school year - but then thought - no impossible!!! Clearly nothing is impossible!!! I would be a complete mother failure in your part of the world...


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