Sunday 25 March 2012

Inspiration Sunday - Annabel Port

One thing that keeps popping up on the Life is Messy Bootcamp is that I really should step out of my comfort zone more often. Writing to people asking for interviews falls into that category. As I was listening to the Geoff Lloyd podcast from Absolute Radio I thought, I should really interview Annabel. For those of who who don't listen to it (which in all likelihood is most of you, I think Geoff's listeners are rare yet loyal) Geoff has a co-host, Annabel and well, he gets her doing all sorts of insane things, the sort of thing make me blush just thinking about it. From trying to 'occupy' the flagship Top Shop to trying to start a fight with a Christmas elf, from hunting down Lord Lucan to becoming the next top fashionista.
I figured if anyone can give me some tips on stepping out of my comfort zone then Annabel is the one to do it and I was so chuffed that she said yes!

Could we start off with you telling us a bit about yourself - who you are and what you do?
I'm Geoff Lloyd's sidekick on the Hometime Show on Absolute Radio.

The main reason I wanted to interview you was that unless I have had several tequilas I am not a fan of making a fool of myself in public and would certainly not stick around in a job that had me doing just that several times a week. Yet here you are doing all kinds of daft things that Geoff sets you up with. So, do you actually enjoy these crazy errands Geoff sends you on?

Yes, I do actually enjoy it! One thing that I've discovered is how incredibly lovely people can be. It constantly amazes me how nice complete strangers can be and that always really cheers me up.

Do you have any secret method of psyching yourself up for the challenge ahead?

If I'm about to do something really embarrassing I do find myself morphing slightly into another character - a more simple, stupid, innocent version of myself - that helps!

I blush really badly and over the years have learnt to avoid all types of blush worthy events, do you suffer from the ole red cheeks?

I did go through a phase about 12 years ago of blushing a lot - often for no reason. But then it just stopped. No idea why.

Out of all the tasks Geoff has set, is there one that you ended up really enjoying, possibly more than you thought you would?

To be honest, I enjoy nearly all of them as they are often an excuse to do something ridiculous.

And at the other end of the scale, is there one where you wish you could reverse time and erase it?

I do regret the fact that I've been banned for life from the flagship Top Shop on Oxford Street after I tried to start an Occupy movement there in my sleeping bag. I used to get all my clothes from there. Still, I've yet to attempt a return - I suspect it'll be fine...

Has Geoff ever come up with some crazy idea that you have actually refused to do?

Never. I've moaned a bit though.

For one that who regularly steps out of her comfort zone, what advice do you have for people like myself who struggle with such things?

Tell yourself (depending on the size of town that you live in) I'm never going to see these people again. And when you've forced yourself to do it once, you'll realise how much fun it is and hopefully want to do it again.

What lessons would you say you have learnt from doing all these tasks?

Once again, people are lovely. Open, trusting, helpful, kind. I never thought that if I asked a stranger to scratch my back on the bus that they would - but they were happy to oblige. People are constantly surprising in the best possible way.

and finally, a question from Ebi-kun (who loves trying new foods) what is the strangest food you have eaten?

I'm not very good at trying new foods! That's one thing I need to be braver with. Sorry Ebi-kun.
We might have to help you with that! Thank you Annabel! I have made a list of things that I need to bite the bullet and do, one of them was to contact people i admire and ask them for interviews, I am doing OK on that score so far. I am working up to some of the others. Is there anything you really would like to do but are too scared to do it? Let me know!

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