Saturday 24 March 2012

School supplies....

I have been busy putting names on anything and everything that has to go to school. I was under the impression that after the yochien fiasco, school would be a breeze, how wrong I was! 

First off was the maths set....

Inside looks like this...

Every single piece has to have his name on it, even the dice.

 Difference ring cards with maths questions on them, these ring cards are very popular over here.

A bag of plastic money, I admit I haven't actually put the name on these yet, I haven't figured out how!

 I'm not sure what these are used for but trying to put stickers on them was a nightmare, I used little white stickers and trimmed each one to size THEN I discovered that there was a pack of specially designed stickers in the box *duh*

Look how bloody small these things are!

Magnetic triangles all the boxes that the pieces come in need name labels too.

The yellow cubes are white on the other side and magnetic, I'm not sure how these are used either but the kind of remind me of the bead material in Montessori.

Plastic stick things that fix together, I am sure maths wasn't this complicated when I was a kid.

The bag of charts and sheets (and the handy stickers I needed earlier!) Most of these are double sided and have games and puzzles printed on them.

Plastic pocket for worksheets I think, cutting board, pencil case - must be one of those flip top ones, red and blue pencil, eraser - must be white, glue and a plastic sheet to put under your paper when you are writing.

Oil pastels, pens and crayons and yes, each one must have his name on it! I am now wondering if I should have put names on his pen lids too?

and finally the metal tray from the maths set, wood clay, scissors and 4B pencils. *phew*

BUT alas, I have not finished, I have bags to make, all to specific sizes and all his clothes to label - I will save that for another post, wait until you see the garb he has to wear for lunch!


  1. Wow! I want to go to that school! I love all that cool looking stuff! It's looks like great fun! But no, I don't want to have to name it all! You have done a good job of that I think!

    1. I am starting to think homeschooling would be a good idea :o)

  2. He he, I remember that! My daughter started school last year but I didn't have to label everything, hubby did it. We did a deal, he label the maths box and I'll organize everything else. He didn't label every single card in the ring cards and when they started using them at school they were quickly sent home for naming. They separate all the cards and play games with their friends! The money he just used a marker pen.

    I have clear memories of school and I remember using similar things to what are the maths box the difference is that in Australia the school provides the equipment and kids share it. here everyone has to have their own stuff :(

    I found school to be less of a hassle, we just bought the standard prepared packs, and a new pencilcase. There was nothing else required unlike kindy which wanted a variety of bags to be made and a lot of specific things to have. We did buy a name stamp which made naming clothes so much quicker!! Off to do some more kindy sewing now :(

    1. OH NO! I haven't done each card in the ring cards, that means my number is wrong!

      Yes, back home the school provides almost everything - well they did back in my day, I haven't got a clue now.

  3. Oh. My. Word.
    To think that the parents at the school I teach at complain because we aske them to provide pens and pencils for their children. I will send them the link for this and tell them to thank their lucky starts!

    1. send on over and this is just the start of it!

  4. Actually, i started to think that i need such math box to teach some ideas easily to my sons.

  5. Wow ... we don`t have boxes like this here ... I would love to have it (when I was still in school). :) But labeling ... nooooo. :D Have a happy labeling ... :)

  6. Whew. This and the entire list of stuff you had to make or buy for him to take to school makes me thankful that I am not there!


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