Monday 23 April 2012

One woman's trash is another woman's....

Treasure... and it comes in various forms. We had a box delivered yesterday full of crafty bits and bobs, ribbons, buttons, polystyrene eggs to name but a few items. All stuff that Sarah was getting rid of but the best part was 3 ziplock bags full of beautiful embroidery thread, the majority of which is unused!

Part of me wants to get out the hoop and get stitching but the 'little miss sensible' side of me says I can't play until I have finished my work. I know it looks like I haven't been doing much recently but that is because I haven't got anything I can share with you just yet. I am working on a BIG project and I am hoping that this week I can get all the techie-geekie side sorted so that I can pull it all together. It is a steep learning curve because I am using a load of new software and plug-ins and other such things. The project has been in the cards for quite a while but it wasn't until recently I figured out how I can put it all together to share with you. I am super excited about it and hope you will be too.....

stay tuned.....

(does anyone under 30 actually understand what that means?)

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