Saturday 26 May 2012

Welcome to my office....

The other day, I gave you a peek into my studio over on Whip Up but to be honest I haven't spent much time up there recently. I am working on a new project that involves no sewing and a lot of computer things. So, I have been enjoying an outdoor office this week, I have been proof-reading and prepping (all paperwork) out in the yard.

Our yard isn't the oasis of colour that I would like it to be but then that would mean actually doing some work on it, in our garden it is survival of the fittest! Lovely as it is sitting out, it is also distracting, I can't help watching the bees do their work.

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  1. How are you doing Jo? Those photos are lovely. I love the colors and textures you combines. Really enjoy to visit your blog! We must get together soon to hear all Ebi-kun school stories.

    1. yes! we should. Are you free to go camping in July? I posted the details in the FB group, it would be lovely if you could make it too.


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