Saturday 9 June 2012

Of Kings and Queens...

A few weeks back I thought it would be a good idea to get Ebi-kun a book about the Kings & Queens of Britain, I started looking online but many of the books don't show you the inside so it is difficult to choose. So, I did what any modern mama would so and put out a help request on twitter. Thanks to my lovely twitter friends I decided on The Hutchinson Book Of Kings and Queens by Tony Robinson. I figured if Tony Robinson had written it, it would be done so with humour and would appeal to a six year old. I was right.

available on Amazon & The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)

The text gives an overview of each royal and slips in some 'interesting' facts too, the illustrations are not really my cup of tea but Ebi-kun thinks they are funny and he loves all the funny facts. There isn't really enough information to do a project on a specific royal using just this book but it is great for dipping in and out and learning the basic gist about their rule. I have found myself sitting there reading it too!

So, thank you to Zoe and my other twitter friends, it turned out to be the perfect choice! We are always on the look out for new books, so if you have read something worth sharing about, please pop it in a comment below.

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