Sunday 10 June 2012

Make Them Fall In Love...

I would like to thank everyone for their input and comments about the mini blog series. I decided to bundle all the posts together to make it into an ebook. I have used a new service which means you can read the book on your iPad, kindle, computer - anything really. You get 3 formats so that it is compatible with whatever you want to read it on.

For now, I have set the minimum price for $0, yep, you can get it for free so all you need to do is set the sliders on 0.

BUT, if you want to pay for the book, maybe you think that over the years I have given you so many great ideas that you would like to reward all my hard work, *wink* then you can move the sliders. The top slider shows how much you actually pay and the bottom one is how much I get from the sale.

Now, maybe you have suddenly come into a lot of money, then you can take the slider right to the end, neat hey? The other thing I should mention, is that with it being an ebook if and when I update it you automatically get sent the updated version, clever stuff.

It is the first time I have used this software, so I haven't got my head around all the formatting yet. If you do download the book, I would love to know what it looks like on your reader, so I know how to improve it. So, what are you still here for? go and click on the green button and grab yourself a copy!

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