Wednesday 25 July 2012

the dish...

Do you remember a while ago I told you that we went to a pottery class with some friends? Well, at the weekend we got the dish back that Ebi-kun made. And I must say, it looks really good!

On the bottom he wrote his name (I have smudged it on the pic) and the date and it is stamped all around the edge. He also chose the colour of the glaze, surprisingly he didn't go for green this time.

So late nights dinner, penne with asparagus, broccoli and bacon in a garlic cream sauce served in a dish made by his own hand. Now he has the handmade dish, glass and chopsticks, next up a fork? Anyone know of a fork making class?

With a bit of the left over clay he made me a devil pendant, I think it was going to be a monkey but it didn't turn out quite right.

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  1. wow! gorgeous! I have to laugh that E chose a monkey for you and it turned out like a devil.... saying something?? ;P


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