Tuesday 14 August 2012

7 great clever ideas just for you

I have been seeing some great clever ideas recently, those 'why didn't I think of that' type ideas so here is a little round up...

Gluing holes in bath toys to stop them going moldy!

image: we love being moms

Use a jewellers microscope & your iPhone to help kids investigate the garden

image: housing a forest

Use tape around your cables in different colours so you know which is which!

image: Bambula

Put a wooden spoon on top of a pan and it won't boil over, I have tired it and yes, it works!

image: a small snippet
Use a straw to hull strawberries
image: new nostalgia
Put your iPhone in a bowl with your music on and you don't need a speaker! Tried it, it works!

image: james wokcik via real simple
Clever way to store those annoying spray bottles.

image: a thousand words

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  1. I keep meaning to try the spray bottle trick. Will also try the iphone in a bowl. Thanks!

  2. Have seen a few before but the strawberry one and the iphone one I hadn`t seen- LOVE THEM BOTH! Now if only it was strawberry season....

  3. I really love the bathtoy glue idea!! Thanks for sharing all of these.


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