Sunday 12 August 2012

How to plan a Star Wars party part 2

Oh course you can't have a Star Wars party without light sabers. I had seen several posts using pool noodles and that is what I had plan to do.... except, there were no pool noodles to be had! I dragged my poor suffering husband all round the home centre looking for something suitable.
First I spotted some foam that is for covering water pipes but it was white and we actually picked it up and was one the way to pay for it when I spotted the green foam. Again this is supposed to be used to cover some kind of piping but double pipes. No problem, I just spilt it down the middle and cut it to size roughly 80cm each.

I used duck tape to make the handle and then smaller pieces of duck tape to make the 'buttons'. I really recommend using duct tape over other types of tape because it is super sticky and with stand up to a lot of beating. The padawan at the party took their light sabers in the pool and they held up fine. 

The other great thing is that they are actually quite soft so there is less chance of injury or kids hurting one another with them. I highly recommend that you make enough for each child and their dad!

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