Monday 27 August 2012

And the answer is...

to the question, what is in the can?

I had some great suggestions on Facebook from vodka, hair product for doggys, candle, strawberries, air fresher, cherries, mechanically recovered hotdogs, flavored condoms, biscuits, peanuts, dog shaped sponge ball, dog toupee.... all very amusing!

But the answer is... a clock! Don't ask me why, Laura did actually get it right so I owe her ¥20!

We didn't actually go into town to do any shopping as such, we just needed to get out of the house and out of the heat so we went and had a nice lunch and a mooch around Loft, 8 floors of Japanese cool and silliness, a few of the many other items that made me smile...

Rememeber those plastic soldiers you had as a kid, well why not re-create a battle on your dinner with them?

And next time I go to a fancy dress party I will be going as... a rice ball? I suppose it would work for a potluck party hahaha.

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