Tuesday 28 August 2012

Is there anything better...

than dinner with friends?
I met kate about 7 years ago, we met in Japan although we are from the same hometown. She recently returned to Japan after a stint in New York, where she produced an adorable baby girl, this is the first time I have had chance to catch up with her. And, as if that wasn't great enough I also got to meet the lovely Lulu too.
We booked a room in an Izakaya (pub) so that the kids could have a run round if they needed to, I told Ebi-kun that he was the baby sitter, he took his role very seriously and spent a lot of time entertaining M-chan.

Two little dickie birds...

Drawing on a magnetic drawing board, Ebi-kun has had one for years and still uses it.

We had a good gab, my poor husband couldn't get a word in edgeways, he managed to woo M-chan who is usually quite shy, hubby has a nack with little kids, I think he missed his calling, he should have been a kindy teacher!

And as it was almost Kates birthday we surprised her with cake and presents. It was great seeing her again and meeting M-chan and Lulu in person, after all this time., hopefully it won't be too long until we catch up again.

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