Wednesday 10 October 2012

What do you think this is built with?

We stayed at Sainokuni Camp Site, which was a rather interesting place.  The actual campsite is about 30 minutes drive from Chichibu town, up in the mountains. I was so intrigued by the main building, coming up the driveway I couldn't make out what it was made of, when I got up close I realised it was cans!

That big window at the top is the bathroom, we didn't use it because we went to the onsen and now I am kicking myself for not sneaking in to have a look! All the campers' burnable rubbish (garbage) is collected and burned and that is what heats the water for the bath.

The bottom row of windows are car door windows and the middle row are windscreens from cars! The chap who runs this place obviously doesn't let things go to waste. 

I am not totally convinced it is safe mind you! But it is pretty cool. The camp bloke also bought out a Union Jack since he had a foreign guest, apparently he has had up to 7 different countries flags at one time. Both him and his wife were really friendly, they also had chickens and took Ebi-kun and a couple of other kids to go and see a chick that had been born that day.

They also had a fish pond where you could buy bags of fish food, they had carp and rainbow trout.

Ebi-kun's favourite bit was the rabbits. There was a large pen but it was sectioned so part of it the kids couldn't get to it but the rabbits could come and go. This seemed to work well because any kids that were a bit rough with the rabbits, the rabbits would run off to the kid free zone! The campers were encouraged to save their raw scraps and anything suitable to fee to the rabbits. It did make me wonder if these were being fattened up for winter stew.

I think we will probably go back to this site sometime, maybe when it is warmer so we can play in the river too. We had weird weather all weekend, from really heavy rain to beautiful sunshine. Luckily the rain didn't get in the way of our plans, just made everything damp! I got Ebi-kun a Bear Grylls book, so he was quoting 'What Bear would do' all weekend.
Sadly, now I have a pile of laundry a mountain high, I'm sure that doesn't happen when you stay in a posh hotel!

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  1. Wow, Looks like a great place to check out with the kids! I'm very intrigued. Thanks for the info Jo!

  2. Wow, those are really beautiful images and couldn't figure out it was made of recycled stuffs until I read your post, Amazing!!


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