Friday 7 December 2012

2 more sleeps!

I should be getting really excited that we leave in 2 more sleeps but to be honest, I feel like throwing up again. The meds the doctor gave me are really strong and have cleared the cough but have left me feeling like crap. They are also like horse tranquillisers and completely knock me out! Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit queasy about 9.30am, closed my eyes for a few minutes, woke up at 12! 

My to-do this has gone out the window, I managed to pack all the Christmas presents into the suitcase but as of yet no clothes. I also need to go into town but I am a bit worried I might zonk out on the train.

I do have some scheduled posts to go up over the next week or so and I am sure once we get settled in, I will be back into my blogging groove, especially since I now have this to work on!

Yes, a perfectly beautiful MacBook Air 13", how I love it already!  This is payment to me for all the hard work I have put in over the year, thank you very much me. It also means that even though we will be away for a month I will still be able to get some work done. Not too much of course :)

On that note, I am off to get some of my to-do's done before this next lot of meds kick in and I keel over again!

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