Tuesday 11 December 2012

Studying Ancient Rome and the Gladiators

Ebi-kun suddenly took an interest in ancient Rome and more precisely gladiators. We have a few pages here and there in different books but nothing specific so I ordered these two You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator!: Gory Things You'd Rather Not Know  and Who Were the Romans? 

The first one has been a BIG hit, if your kids like the Horrible Histories range then they will love this. The illustrations a bright and fun and it is packed with lots of facts in bite size chunks, making it a great book to dip in and out of. I think it great for the 5-9 sort of age range, older kids I imagine would enjoy it but would need something more substantial to go with it.

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Similar in set up, Who were the Romans? is broken into small chunks of facts. it is an Usbourne book and so has references to the internet 'quick links' but I must say I was pretty disappointed with that. The links associated with this book, one didn't work the other was pretty dull and they are not Usbourne resources, the links are to other websites. Other that that, the book is a good general intro into the subject. 

Click HERE to get on Amazon or HERE for The Book Depository

What I like about these books is the price! I didn't have to spend a fortune on books that might end up being a passing fad. Both books are from a series and I think we will be buying more to cover areas that we don't have books on yet.

Other fun things to add to your Roman study...
Print out a paper Roman soldier to make
BBC website has some great stuff too, including PDF printables
Printable mini book to download
Lots of printables on this page, you need to scroll down to get to the Roman era

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