Wednesday 26 December 2012

Birthday fun in London....

The 18th was my birthday so Ebi-kun and I set off on our tour to London. We took the train from Stoke-On-Trent to Euston and then hopped on the tube to get to the hotel where we met up with +Di  and Broggy and Di's little boy Ry. I have heard so many times that people are unfriendly and unhelpful in London but I have to say, we had nothing but great experiences with people helping us out. 

Once we were checked into the hotel we headed off up the South Bank, we had hoped to pop in the Tate Modern but we were pushed for time and decided to let the boys have a run around instead, they were happy just to look at all the boats on the Thames!

We made our way through the German market stands, sneaked a mulled wine then met another friend at the London Eye. I have never been on the eye before, Di had booked the tickets for dusk and I think it was perfect timing, London looked so pretty.

It takes 30 minutes to go all the way round, which was just about the right amount of time for the boys, our capsule only had a few of us in it so we could get a good look at everything.

Then we headed back through the market section, this time stopping for a spin on the merry go round...

We finished the day off with dinner at Giraffe, I was really chuffed that so many friends came out to meet us, some of which I haven't seen since graduating uni. The boys were really good which gave us time to chat and catch up. It was so good to see everyone again, it was a shame that the boys were ready for bed and we had to leave early (late for them!) It was a perfect end to a great birthday.

Ziggy made himself useful and gave Ebi-kun a lift as we walked back down to the hotel. In the hotel we had two double beds, the boys decided they wanted to share a bed! Needless to say there was quite a lot of giggles before they finally crashed.

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