Friday 28 December 2012

Mission Explore Food - free download

Ebi-kun got a great book for Christmas called Mission Explore Food. He doesn't really need much encouragement to experiment with food, he loves trying new things and will often pick things on a menu because he doesn't know what it is! I can see this book furthering his interest and helping him learn about where all the different types of food come from.

The book is split into 6 main chapters; Grow, Harvest, Cook, Eat, Waste and Soil. Each chapter has a selection of experiments and missions for your child to complete. Some of them sound great and some are well, pretty revolting but I suppose that makes it more fun.

I think anyone who wants to do more with their children to learn about food or for teachers this book is an excellent resource. Not all the missions are laid out for you step-by-step which encourages the child to think for themselves and come up with a solution.

I also like how everything has been covered, there are missions challenging you to try different specialist diets for a day such as raw food and some of the missions can be drawn or written about in the book. I also feel it is well designed to grab boys attentions by calling each experiment a mission, the illustrations are fun and not too gross.

So, would you like to get your mitts on a copy? We have a paper copy, which to be honest, I prefer - (forever the book lover). If you would like to have a look or if you are happy to use an electronic edition you can download for FREE the kindle version here or the iBook version here, the links are valid until January 21st. If you prefer a paper version, you can get it on Amazon or The Book Depository.

 If you do get a copy, let me know if you try any of the missions, I would love to see how it goes with other people! If you know anyone else that you think would enjoy it, or their kids, then please share using the buttons below.


  1. Wow! That book looks awesome! I'll have to search for it...thanks.


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