Monday 7 January 2013

Christmas Round Up

I am so behind with these posts! Christmas day we spent the morning opening presents with Nana and Papie. I managed to make a Jedi cape before we left Japan and the young Padawan is very happy with it, I'll try and write up how I did at a later date.

Daddy joined in too on the present opening on the Mac, not quite the same as having him with us but it was fun all the same, hurrah for technology!

At lunch time my step brother and his family arrived and we had a great Christmas dinner, my Nana and brother were there too, so it really was a full house.

Boxing day was a quite one, playing with new toys and watching films on the TV. Ebi-kun has got addicted to game shows, Deal or No Deal is his favourite! The 27th my little brother and his family came over, now the kids are a bit older they got on much better. The boys enjoyed building Lego together...

Little J was still a bit poorly, not that you have guessed, he is such a smiler, until you get the camera out, then he refuses to smile, it took some clever trickery to get this shot!

I also managed to get a nice picture of all of them together, usually there is some one missing or a blurred child or one sticking their finger up their nose, we finally have one that is suitable to hang on the wall!

Ebi-kun has really enjoyed catching up with his cousins, we do chat with them on the mac sometimes which I am convinced makes it easier for them to bond when they do get to meet in person. I had forgotten how loud M is, she has a voice like a foghorn! Post Christmas was a bit less was yours?

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