Friday 4 January 2013

Books for London...

Before we left for the UK I ordered a couple of books for Ebi-kun. The first was Horrible Histories London which is fun, lots of snippets of information and the sort of things that kids will remember such as... There is no tube station at Muswell Hill. There was supposed to be, but when they started digging underground they came across a deep pit - full of skeletons of people buried during the plague!

The second book was The Story Of London, again it is filled with lots of snippets of information. Both books give a brief overview of the history of London, which is really all we needed, I figured if something really inspired Ebi-kun I could get a book specifically about that topic. 

So, I got him Tower Power when we were at the Tower Of London, I was torn between the adults version and the kids but with the drawings and the layout I think were more suited in Tower Power. The Tower was Ebi-kun's favourite part of the trip to London so he was chuffed to get the book about it.

Just when you thought I had finished, I have to mention Pop-Up London, which Ebi-kun received as a Christmas present. It is a lovely book, really well laid out and you have to turn the book round because the back of the pop-up's are just as detailed at the front. It is a bit delicate in places so I would recommend it for kids that a bit heavy handed, it doesn't contain as much information but it is beautifully designed.

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  1. Hugo love these series of "Horrible", he haven't read this london version yet. Seems a great pop up book also.


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