Thursday 3 January 2013

Seals, Skates and Santa....

Our original plan was to go to The Winter Wonderland after we had been to the British museum but because of the awful weather we had to scrap that. Luckily Di managed to snag some skating tickets at the Westfield instead. It is years since I last skated and Ebi-kun has never been before, I thought that an hour wouldn't be long enough but after 10 minutes I was ready for a pint! Ebi-kun managed to make Bambi look like an Olympian and spent as much time on his arse as he did on his feet. Luckily They let us have a 'seal' for Ry which seamed to help a bit - at least we didn't have to try and keep a 2 year old on his feet too.

After nearly breaking our necks several time we hung up the skates and went to see Santa, it was all good fun, they take photos of the kids which then get superimposed onto a film, the kids then get to see the film and they all get excited when they see their own face come up.

After Santa we had to go and pick up one of Di's winnings (you know she is comping mad!) then we had a lovely Mexican meal at Las Iguanas, I was very impressed with their selection of kids meals, certainly not the usual fayre of sausage and chips. After lunch we finally headed off to Nottingham to Di's house. We had a nice relaxing evening which was just what we needed after the manic few days that we had had.

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