Tuesday 26 February 2013

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I have done this for a while, as you know we are avid book readers in this house. I am currently reading the Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, we are now on book two. Ebi-kun could read this himself but the writing is quite small and he finds it overwhelming, it is aimed more for the tween aged kids. I love that there is a lot of great vocabulary used and the way that it is written, the child can guess what the 'big' words mean. 

It is basically the story of 4 gifted orphans that all answer an ad in the newspaper and end up going on an adventure that leads them to saving the world. It is very exciting, there are lots of unexpected twists and is a great book for eliciting suggestions on what will happen next. I am sure Ebi-kun will enjoy reading these himself in a couple of years time.

available on Amazon and The Book Depository (free international shipping)

Ebi-kun is still ploughing his way through the Beast Quest Books, he reads these to me and to be honest, I am bored of them by now - the format is basically the same for all the books, he is on something like book 26. He is also very much into the Horrible Histories books, he really likes the 2013 Annual and is forever coming out with gruesome facts - I must admit, I do like these books too!

available on Amazon and The Book Depository (free international shipping)
As for Japanese books, he is now obsessed with Sekai No Nameko Zukan - an encyclopedia of Nameko's world. This is the book to have at the moment! It is all about mushrooms, it is so odd the things kids love!

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As for me, I haven't read a non fiction book for ages! I have just finished Denise's book Lucky Bitch that I got when I joined her Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. It was one of the bonuses along with the 10 day Lucky Bitch Video Course, I am really enjoying the course and the book was a great read too. If you are wanting to get 'lucky' with money, it is worth a read.

So, what are you and your family reading at the moment? Share in the comments section below...


  1. I really enjoyed the Mysterious Benedict Society, and it made a great bedtime reading book. The second in the series is good as well (the third not so much, sadly).
    Have you read any of the Artemis Fowl series? I bought the first to read to Kei and got completely hooked on the series myself. My kids can't get into them at all, though!

  2. No, we haven't read any of those yet although they have been recommended, when he runs out of Beast Quest he has a lemony Snicket book to try out... too many books and not enough time.

  3. We are reading the first Mysterious Benedict Society and really enjoying it! We are also reading The Worst Children's Jobs in History which sounds in the same vein as the as Horrible Histories so we are totally going to check that out! Thanks.

    1. The horrible history books are erm horrible but fun too, I wish they had them when I was a kid, I would have taken much more in! There are also loads of horrible history clips on youtube. If Ebi-kun is showing an interest in something such as Egyptians I put in horrible histories egyptians and make a play list with the different clips.

  4. I love the funny smart phone games I find in Korea, many of them are from Japan. One of the games I've played with is called "The Detective Mushroom Garden aka Funghi Garden Kit? http://beeworksgames.com/~touchdetective/gardeningkit/

    It has the same images as the cover of Sekai No Nameko Zukan.
    Odd what becomes popular.

    1. akasha, I have been meaning to ask you - my husband believes that ALL food in Korea is hot and spicy, he thinks that we can't take a trip there because we will starve, not big fans of hot and spicy food! Is he right? I am sure there must be non spicy food too.

    2. and I am not sure i should let him see that game, I will never see my iphone again!


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