Wednesday 27 February 2013

Leaf Art For The Whole Family

We recently had a big sort out with Ebi-kun's desk. I have been trying to find a system that works for him. We did have a flat filing tray for his school books and papers but it was getting scary, to the point where I was afraid to be swamped under papers if I happened to be passing the desk when an earthquake hit! 
We now have a vertical stand which is physically impossible to overload, fingers crossed that this works better.
Anyway, as we were sorting through I found these papers that I had prepared ages ago and then they had got sucked into the paper mountain.

I don't remember where we had been but we collected some leaves and then I placed a few on the printed/copier and made a copy for each of us. Such a quick and easy activity that can get all the family members involved in.

We all took a print and doodled on it, the rule is that you are not allowed to look at anyone elses paper until you are finished. Here are the results....

Daddy's doodle....

Ebi-kun's doodle....

My doodle....

It was fun comparing our pictures and laughing at how differently we see things. I'd love to do this with cloud formations too. 

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  1. oooooohh love it! Do you think it represents your personalities? Daddy Ebi seems very smiley and positive. :)

  2. Those are really cute!
    We used to do one (in school!!) where one person would draw a scribble on a piece of paper and the other would have to make a picture out of it - either by finding a shape in the scribble or incorporating the scribble into something else.

  3. These are wonderful! Will try this one the soonest! Thank you :)


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