Monday 4 February 2013

Fancy a drink?

We had a pretty hectic weekend, one of those weekends that when it gets to Monday morning, you swear someone stole the weekend from you! You know the sort. Fun though.

Saturday Ebi-kun went to his football lesson, his old coach had to give up the classes but he found a new place that his boys go to, so Ebi-kun is trying it out. The boys all enjoyed a hot chocolate after the game, why is it impossible for kids to drink hot chocolate without getting it completely round their face?

After that we went to a friends house for a wee party, we stopped on the way to pick up some drinks and I found this!

It is a white wine and in a sports type pouch! It certainly isn't the classiest way to drink wine but I can see so many ways that when I was at uni we could have used this... gigs, festivals, lectures! So wrong but genius at the same time.

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