Tuesday 5 February 2013

First dodgeball tournament...

Ebi-kun put his name down for the school dodgeball tournament and then the day before tells me that he doesn't actually know the rules, can explain them to him? Ermmm no! I have never played, not the Japanese way anyway, I did use to play a version on the ponies as a kid, but that was a whole different ball game, if you catch my meaning.

Anyway, it didn't seem to be much of an issue. As the kids arrived they got placed into teams, mixed grades and given a scarf to represent the team they are in. Ebi-kun was red.

It was a lot of fun, they had two games on at once and the bigger kids did all the hard work, the little ones just ran up and down trying not to get hit.

Reds came in 2nd, they all won a pen and were presented a certificate. In true Japanese style they had to do Janken (rock, paper,scissors) to decide who would take the certificate home and Ebi-kun won! I do like the way the kids just do this automatically, there was no whinging or whining about who won, it is a done deal and that is it.

Outside some of the dads were preparing mochi (beaten rice) and letting all the kids have a go...

Another fun day, why don't weekends have an extra day in them?

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