Thursday 21 February 2013

My take on b-school...

This is slightly off topic and only applies to those of you who have or are starting your own business.
Last year, as you may know, I joined Marie Forleo's b-school and it was the best investment I have ever made, I don't say that lightly. The course materials are absolutely top-notch and current - no out of date text books here! She pulls in leading experts in their field for bonus materials which are also amazing and the community is just outstanding.
There is always someone out to help you, it is a positively charged group of amazing people, I have had 1:1 help from several experts, joined numerous free courses and webinairs, all of which have helped me one way or the other.
I made this very short video to tell you a bit more...

Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, but I would still be promoting the course, even if it wasn't! If you have any questions, fire away. It took me quite some time to decide to do it, and I also had 'someone of the inside' to ask. If you sign up from this link (hint, click the button below!) The system goes on the last click, so you must click here then click 'buy now', no other clicking around in-between!
Then email me the receipt and I will give you a  free coaching sessions (worth $500), you can take it when you like, so if you want to wait until the 8 weeks of b-school is over and we can work on anything you are struggling with, that is fine.

*UPDATE* I have just posted a second video answering the questions that have come up, you can watch it HERE

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