Tuesday 26 March 2013

A trip to the Museum of Maritime Science

We took a trip down to Odaiba again recently, it is a long way to go but there are a lot of fun things to do down there. This time we visited the Museum of Maritime Science. Actually most of the museum is closed for refurbishment but the ship Soya is still open and it is free too!

The Soya is famous for being the first Japanese observation ship to go to Antarctica and it was pretty cool to wander around. Many of the rooms have been preserved, so you can see how the crew would have lived... I am sure there is a witty comment to be made about this picture!

Even the most comfortable rooms didn't look very comfortable to me, I am not a fan of the sea so I don't think you would catch me on the boat more than an hour.

A couple of the rooms had been turned into information rooms, with some hands on equipment and videos. It was interesting to be sitting on the ship as they showed video footage of the ship being rescued by the Russians when it got trapped in ice.

Ebi-kun fancying himself as the captain...

You don't have total run of the ship but you are allowed on a good portion of it, we were there on a national holiday and it wasn't busy at all.

So, if you are in Odaiba and you have an hour or so to kill, this gets the thumbs up, I'm not sure when the whole of the museum will re-open but the rest of the information about it can be found on the website here.

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