Sunday 7 April 2013

Inspiration Sunday with Tania Elfersy

Today's interview is with a fellow b-schooler, Tania Elfersy is the co-author of an award-winning gift book for new moms, called Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories, Journal & Toolkit. In 2004, Tania left her career in corporate marketing to become a stay-at-home mom. Six years later, then a mother of three young children, Tania had a vision of a book for mothers that became Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. She established Flower Cap Press and self-published the book (her first). In 2012, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries won four international book awards.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.... 

My name is Tania Elfersy and I'm the co-author and publisher of an award-winning gift book for new moms, called Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: A Gift for Mothers with Short Stories, Journal & Toolkit. 

I'm originally from the UK, which explains my love for Marmite and Salt 'n Vinegar crisps! Today I live in Israel and I'm a mom of three gorgeous kids (8, 6 and 4). 

I love filling our house with strong colors and luckily my husband does too! We have a purple and silver kitchen, pink dining room chairs, a sofa that combines reds, greens, yellows, pinks and purples and I sit here writing this from my orange, red and silver desk.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

My shower! Any time I need inspiration, I take a shower and the ideas blossom. I'm not sure if it's the flowing water or my lavender shower gel (or a combination of the two) but my shower is definitely my "Room of One's Own."

3. Tell us about your book...

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries inspires and supports new moms and mothers with young children. The book combines thought-provoking short stories that reveal how motherhood impacts women's lives, stunning illustrations, guided journal space and a Mothers' Toolkit with self-development exercises.

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is a beautiful and meaningful gift for new moms and it's a wonderful resource for midwives, doulas and educators to use in workshops. 

Currently the book is available on Amazon, in select baby boutiques in the US and Canada and on my website. In April, the book will be published in Hebrew. I'm hoping this will be the first of many translated versions of the book.

4. What led you to start your book.... 

One day, I was at home breastfeeding my third child while sitting on the sofa and watching a TV program about goddesses (yes, that's what we stay-at-home moms do all day – watch TV!). On the screen appeared a picture of the Egyptian goddess Isis nursing her son Horus and I was struck with how incredible that image was considering that here I was in the twenty-first century nursing my own child (although not feeling much like a goddess at the time!).

I realized how little I knew about the history of motherhood. What did I know about how mothers felt in ancient Egypt, and more to the point, what did I know about how other mothers felt today? I began thinking about how our journeys in motherhood could be eased if we shared our stories, if we could be inspired and if we mothers could feel less alone. From these ideas, I created the book, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries.

5. What does an average day look like for you?

I wake up at 6.45am and start getting the kids up and ready for school and pre-school. My husband does the school run in the morning leaving me in a quiet house to clear up breakfast, put on laundry and (hopefully) get down to half an hour of yoga. I then run to the shower and get inspired for the day! 

Once dressed, I make myself a huge mug (more like a jug!) of tea (my first of three or more in the day) and some breakfast and then I sit down at my laptop and attempt to do my most challenging tasks first. 

In Israel, children go to school six days a week but each school day runs only till lunch time. I'll work all morning and then run out to bring the kids home for lunch. After lunch, the kids get down to their homework, play some games, go to afterschool activities, etc. I make them supper and move to the bedtime routine. In the evening, my husband and I catch up on our day and I'll often return to my laptop for a few more hours of work.

6. What is the one thing about your job that makes your heart sing? 

Receiving positive feedback from my readers – hearing that the book has touched a mother deeply and even sometimes, changed her life. I love the fact that my readers can contact me so easily – it's a blessing for all authors in this day and age. 

In addition to this, I love the fact that my publishing company became a partner of Every Mother Counts. This means that from every sale of the book on my website, I donate $5 to Every Mother Counts and help save mothers' lives by improving maternal healthcare worldwide. It means I'm doubly grateful for every single book sale!

7. Share a secret with us that has never been shared online before 

Returning to the color theme . . . when I was a child, I owned a set of test tubes and I used them to "make color." 

I would fill up the test tubes with water and color in little strips of paper with felt tip pens. Then I'd place the strips of paper in the test tubes and watch the water change color. I'd line up the test tubes in my bedroom, watch the sunlight bounce through them and lose myself in rainbows.

Who I Was, Who I Am" by Nomi Melul Ohad from the book, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries    

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