Thursday 4 April 2013

Of eggs, martial arts and fun....

We ended up having a really busy Easter weekend. We did have the annual Easter Egg hunt planned for the Sunday but we postponed due to the crappy weather. So, Saturday we had the pottery class, after that we did the weekly shopping, picked up Ebi-kun's new gi and I made desserts for the next day.

Sunday, started with a big chocolate egg, I made it myself since we can't buy these types of egg here. I actually used two plastic molds that tofu came in - perfect. It is a bit tricky getting them out but this year I made the chocolate thicker and it all went smoothly.

After breakfast (we had a sensible breakfast not just chocolate egg!) we went to Aikido, Ebi-kun is now a signed up member and has the gi to prove it, even if it is rather too big - he will grow into it...

When class was done, we went home, grabbed a quick bite to eat, I did a bit of painting in Ebi-kun's room (it is the middle of a make-over) then we headed out to a friends house for turkey lunch, which turned out to be turkey dinner! The kids had a great time, many mimosa's were quaffed (not by the kids I might add) and a good time was had by all.

Not our usual Easter weekend but lots of fun all the same. How was yours?

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