Thursday 18 April 2013

The Easter Egg Hunt - a wee bit late!

We finally had a nice day to hold the postponed egg hunt! This is the first time we have ever had the egg hunt rained off. I didn't matter in the end, it was still fun.

We send the kids off to the squirrel enclosure whilst the adults hide the eggs in the wooded area behind, this is my favourite shot of the kids...

We forgot to take a basket so Ebi-kun used the cool bag, he could have sniffed his eggs out. We had decorated the eggs the week before Easter then the egg hunt got postponed twice but we kept the eggs so they were a bit wiffy by the time we got round to it and no, we didn't eat them!

After the hunt we had lunch and then onto the games - the kids were split into 2 teams and sent on a treasure hunt... Now many of the kids are older we can just let them go and do it.

And a new activity this year was guess how many jelly beans in the jar - this was a big hit with all the kids.

After all that fun it was time for the moms to put their feet up and the dads took on the kids at football!

We eventually got them to wrap the game up but then someone decided to climb a tree and we ended up with all the kids either up the tree or hanging off it at some stage!

A good day was had by all and the egg hunt is usually the first activity of the year and kicks off the fun for the year.

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