Saturday 27 April 2013

Unplugging for a wee while...

It is Golden Week this week - which implies that it is a week long holiday but alas not, it is 3 national holidays that are close together, but it does mean we get two long weekends.

So, we are going to be having some downtime and I am stepping back from the net for a few days - not sure if I am ready for this! We are off camping for the 2nd part of golden week so I am going to have to go cold turkey!

Of course, I don't expect you to go cold turkey too so I have a couple of post scheduled for you!

See you on the other side... if I survive :)


  1. have a great GW. we are also going camping

  2. If you are off to Tohoku for either of those weekends, call me because so are we!!!

    1. No, only as far a Tochigi this time!
      It was too cold in Tohoku last time we camped and that was GW. BBBrrrrr


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