Monday 29 April 2013

Do you want a new iphone case?

The peeps at Caseapp contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their iphone case, you get to design it yourself so of course, the chance to do something craft & geeky I jumped at the chance. (You can get one too if you are lucky...)

It is seriously easy to use! Pop over to Caseapp and select the phone size that you have, upload a photo - you can move it around until you are happy with the position. Add some text if you like then save and order. Easy peasy!

My tip would be to make sure you have a nice high resolution photo at least 300dpi. Photos taken with your phone might be ok, it depends what resolution & size you have set. If you load your image and it is way to big then you are onto a good start. You can easily scale the image down, making images bigger on the other hand can make them lose their sharpness.

This is the one I made, I have a problem that I can't get the old case off my phone, so I haven't been able to put the new one on yet! The colours came out lovely and the quote is from my mentor Denise Duffield Thomas - to serve as a little reminder in those self doubt moments!

So, you ready to win your own? Just fill in the form below.
Entries open worldwide.
Cassapp will send you a voucher if you win.
Winner will be drawn by random generator on May 7th at 8am JST.

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