Tuesday 14 May 2013

Golden Week Camp PT 1

We headed up to Gunma for this years Golden Week camp, it is a campsite we have been to before but we were there in the autumn last time. It is a nice site, well designed, clean toilets! There is no onsen or shower but they give you discount tickets for a local onsen. 

The only time we eat a full English breakfast is when we are at camp, I have a trangia stove which I LOVE (I used to have one back my scouting days, it is such a versatile little stove) and I have the whole full breakfast down to perfect now!

This Ebi-kun having his hobbit style seconds out in the morning sun. We were blessed with beautiful weather although it was COLD at night and we really need to get something warmer than the light weight sleeping bags that we have got at the moment.

The campsite has a good playground for the kids and on the last day (why do they always wait until the last day?) he made friends with some kids two tents down and they went to play there together.

Ebi-kun will probably say that learning to use a knife was the highlight of the trip, he is quite sensible for a kid but still a child so he is only allowed to use it with supervision for now, until we are happy that he really knows how to handle it properly.

The main drawback for this site is that the nearest supermarket is well, a glorified convenience store and the nearest big supermarket is about 40 minutes drive away. So even if you just want to hang out at the campsite all day, you still need to take a long drive out to get supplies. We combined it with a trip to the onsen. We got there when it opened but it was already busy - other campers with the same idea! Usually at an onsen there is a row of seats and showers for washing before you soak in the bath, because it was busy, all the indoor showers were busy so I was forced to use the ones in the garden area Brrrrr. 

Sunsets, beers and BBQ's, that's what it is all about! 

and of course roasted marshmallows or smores! can't wait until the next camp!

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