Thursday 16 May 2013

Orange Camp Cakes - recipe

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it looked fun!

What you need:
1 orange per person
cake mix (I used hotcake mix & cocoa powder) + whatever you need to make the cake mix

First, fit the orange on a flat surface, it should stand up better one way, cut the top off. Scrap the insides out of the orange - you can eat this as you go if you like. Place each orange on a piece of foil.

Follow the instructions for the cake mix, then spoon the mix into the orange, leave some space at the top for the cake to rise. Pop the lid back on they wrap with foil.

Place the oranges in the hot embers, we left ours for about 30 minutes, you might need to turn them round half way through.

Unwrap and check that the cake is cooked..

And eat! Our oranges were really sweet but after they were cooked they became quite bitter which meant the end result was rather like marmalade cake, it wasn't very chocolatey either, next time I think I will try a dollop of nutella in there! Made a change from smores and baked bananas anyway :)

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