Friday 17 May 2013

Golden Week Camp PT 2 - German beer farm

When we go camping we usually take a day trip or two to a local event or attraction. My husband - a lover of beer discovered that there was a German Beer Farm not too far from where we were staying, so guess where we went?

 The place did look like a German market place and they had several beers and different food for sale.

It was a strange kind of 'farm' we had a go on the pedal boats - it is now clear why 7 years olds are not allowed to drive cars! We also tried our hand at archery and watched the sheep dog demonstration.

It was fairly busy but not depressingly so, we had some German sausages and potatoes for lunch, non of us were hungry enough to warrant going to the restaurant.

Ebi-kun also had fun on the big slide, you pay for 20 minutes of slip sliding fun. We realised that there were loads of other 'farms' dotted around, the Da Vinci farm sounded interesting, we will have to head back this way to find out about the others!

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  1. Wow, what fun! Love archery, wish there was a place close to my house to do it!


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