Wednesday 1 May 2013

Golden Week Part #1

Golden week is split into to 2 long weekends this year, so the first part we had a regular sort of weekend. Saturday the boys went off to footie and I went walking boot shopping - a little tale to be told there... I really wanted some Merrell boots but when I got to the store I realised they were more than I wanted to pay. So thought I would just get some cheaper ones. I tried several pairs on and either they didn't fit or they didn't have my size so I left the shop empty handed. 
So I walked through the shopping centre feeling very sorry for myself but then I discovered a sports shop I didn't know existed. Went in and the exact boots that I wanted were in a flash sale - less than half price! I tried them on, half expecting them not to find but they did - I felt like Cinderella - well if Cinderella wore bright orange walking boots ha!

Sunday wasn't very exciting, Aikido followed by shopping. We did stop at the home centre to get some plants and then planted the green curtain for this year, we are going with all passion fruit this time!

Then Monday we had a playgroup trip to the zoo, it was a lot of fun and the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, they all looked suitable exhausted at the end of the day! I love how this zoo has so many great interactive things for the kids to try, not just looking at the animals.

Ebi-kun got a new admirer, I think A-chan was quite smitten by the end of the day - very cute, they were pretty much inseparable.

We even ran into Peter Rabbit - one of the oddities of the zoo is that it has a replica of the Beatrix Potter  house and garden.

We decided to head out about 4pm so we missed the bad traffic, the weather was glorious, good day all round! Did you have an exciting weekend?

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