Thursday 6 June 2013

An amusing little tale.....

The day before yesterday, Ebi-kun has his health check at school. He came home with a letter saying that he has a TUMOUR in his nose and we need to take him to the ENT as soon as possible.

I have never been to the ENT hospital in our town before, had no idea where it was, do my husband had to take half a day off work. We picked Ebi-kun up from school and took him over there. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long. First the doc checked his ears, gave them a bit of a clean. Then took a look at his nose. 

There was some urrmmming, then he took out some pincers and remover one, enormous bogey!

Yep, the so called tumour was a bogey!

Why, the school doc didn't realise this is beyond me, surely they know what a bogey looks like!

So, yes, we can see the funny side of it now, luckily I had kept myself off google, you know the last thing you should do is google an ailment, hubby on the other hand....

I want want to come over as bashing the system here, obviously the school doc needs new specs but the health checks are good and I am sure there are kids that have had ailments picked up on because of their checks, and then got early treatment. Did make me wonder how many other 'tumours' the ENT doctor had to remove this week!


  1. That's so funny! But seriously...a tumor?? LOL!

  2. exactly - what better way to freak the parents out!

  3. That just made my day...

    a question though - why didn't the bogey come out by blowing Ebi-kun's nose?

    1. you should have seen the size of it! I think it was attached to his brain :)


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