Friday 7 June 2013

Keith Haring Art Day...

We had fun learning about Keith Haring. We don't actually have a book about his work so we turned to the net and had a look through the Keith haring website instead. Then it was time to do some Keith Haring inspired art.
We started by making a couple of jointed paper dolls from a cereal box...

Ebi-kun's first attempt, the pieces were too small so we had to redo them, of course, I only have fancy brads/fasteners!

He then drew around the paper doll onto coloured card, then moved the position of the arms and leg and did another one of different coloured card. Before cutting them out, he traced round them with a thick black marker pen.

Then cut out the pieces and stuck them to a nice bright piece of paper. Lots of bright coloured paper/card is needed for this project!
Final touches were to add the little black movement lines.....

And done... not sure what this new 'sticking tongue out' pose is all about! Hopefully he will grow out of that soon.


Thank you!
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