Saturday 8 June 2013

Need to rustle up a quick party plate?

So, we went to a party at the weekend and I didn't have time at the end of the day to make what I had planned, so I used this old fallback!

Pack of small gyoza wrappers - I used the pack of 50 round ones.
Square wrappers make prettier pies
Some kind of filling
muffin tin

I really did go the lazy way this time, I used tinned meat sauce - the stuff people use for pasta and grated cheese. You can also use the same technique for mini quiche, sweet filling like apple sauce words too. In fact you can put almost anything in them!

Grease the muffin tins with a little oil. 
Pop two gyoza wrappers in each hole - this is a great thing to give a little helper to do.

Spoon a dollop of filling into each hole, I sprinkled grated cheese on top before I popped them in the oven...

They take 15-20 minutes at 180deg C. Just keep an eye on them, they seem to brown very quickly once they get started.

We often have them with some kind of egg based filling, like mini quiche and they are perfect for parties!
Have you tried making mini pies with gyoza wrappers? What do you put inside them?

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