Monday 24 June 2013

Sick of nagging your kids to tidy up their room?

You need to watch this (2 minutes long)

Secret Agent 008 has gone rogue and for the whole month of July he and his S.T.P.N. agents with be running OPERATION S.T.P.N. Secret Agent 008 believes that the only way to get to get parents to quit nagging is by out-smarting them. He will send out a mission every second day to his agents with instructions on what to do. By breaking the task of de-cluttering and cleaning the bedroom into bite sized pieces, it makes it achievable and fun.

WARNING - Kids, the nagging parents don't want you to see this....

Secret Agent 008 also believes that to keep OPERATION S.T.P.N. running smoothly that the bedroom should be set up so it is easy to keep clean and tidy, as so, parents will have to take their nagging elsewhere.

Want to know more? Then click HERE.

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