Monday 29 July 2013

A Big Day and A Trip to The Doctor!

Ebi-kun is 8 today, a whole 8 years old, how the heck did that happen? We had a party at the weekend, I will post about later. This morning we got up like a normal school day so that daddy could see him open his presents. We also had Nana and Papie on Skype - I love how we can include family who are the other side of the world!

The traditional I am '8' t-shirt, I started this when he was three, he gets a numbered shirt each year.

And of course lots and lots of books...

and Lego! You really can't go wrong with Ebi-kun if you get him books or Lego, maybe he hasn't realised he could have other things for his presents!

His gift from us was a new bike, he has been riding the same one he had when he was three so we thought it was about time he had a big boys bike. Sadly the weather was being mean but he still had to try it out. It also had a compass, watch, 7 gears and a speedometer - I'm not too sure about that bit! As if boys need any encouragement to ride dangerously hmmmm.

Giving his new wheels a spin....

After presents, daddy went to work and we had breakfast, Ebi-kun didn't each much. About an hour later he is complaining of a headache, I feel his head and he is burning up. take his temperature and it is getting higher by the minute. So I bundle him into his raincoat and we walk round to the doctor, luckily only 5 minutes away. Of course he didn't want to go because he said he shouldn't go to the doc on his birthday, pretty rubbish, poor kid. 
We came back with some fever reducing meds, I manage to get him to eat a bit of lunch then he crashes on the sofa and asks to watch a film, Lego partly built.
I think the meds have helped, he has perked up a bit now and built some more of his Lego, he has requested broccoli soup for dinner instead of birthday pizza. We will have that later in the week!

8 years ago I cuddled a tiny bundle for the first time, I got lots more today. Happy Birthday Ebi-kun you are a rock star and your jokes are rubbish (in a good way!). Here's to many more birthday and cuddles 💖


  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome little man! Hope he is feeling well today :)

  2. Happy Birthday Ebi-kun! Hope you are feeling better... My son just celebrated his b-day too - 21! He also got two huge lego sets! They may grow up, but they never outgrow legos :) Hope you have a great year 8!


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