Friday 26 July 2013

You are amazing! and your questions answered...

This last 24 hours have been such a high! THANK YOU!

From when the book was released I have had so many words of thanks and praise and shares, it has been such a ride!

There are another 24 hours to grab it!

I don't have a kindle!
No problemo! Click HERE, then click on the link for the device you are using, it is a free kindle app so you can read kindle books on whatever you have.

I don't use
No problemo! Here are the links for other amazon countries - I might have missed yours, if the is the case paste this  B00DSKDYES into the search box of the Amazon company you use and it should come up.

I want to leave a review but I don't know how!
Why thank you! You are lovely, you know that right? Click through to the book page on Amazon, scroll down and you should come to the customer reviews section, looks like this...
Click on "write a customer review"

Then you will be taken to this page, pop in your pen name/nick name, star rating, a snappy title and write away. Click review and the OK.

Do you want to know much you ROCK? This much (nearly peed my pants with excitement!)

If you have just wandered over and wonder what all the excitement is about, go and check it out! And please do share with your tribe, friends, neighbours - anyone who has little ones :)

What a way to end the week, thank you so, so much, you are FAB!!

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