Saturday 10 August 2013

Blueberries coming out of our ears...

Well not quite but we do have over 2kgs worth to get through before Saturday! We went blueberry picking with a friend on Monday, it has become a bit of an annual thing. In the past Ebi-kun has never picked that many so I went full steam ahead only to discover that he managed to pick a kilo by himself!

So, what does one do with so many blueberries?

We have been having them with our fruit in the morning, we always have fresh fruit with breakfast.

Blueberry & yoghurt zoku...

Shaved ice with blueberry syrup....

Blueberry buckle - I wasn't that keen to make this because it is so hot just now but it was the main request. When I ask for blueberry suggestions muffins always come up but I have to say, we are not a muffin family, no-one really likes them that much!

And by some magically luck, my friend Marcela has a guest post on my friend Mayi's blog this week with this lovely looking tofu berry mousse, so I am determined to try that before the week is over!

Photo Credit: Marcela Macias
Source: Heartmade

Your turn, what are you favourite blueberry recipes?

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