Tuesday 13 August 2013

Easy Kindle Case Tutorial

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Yes, I finally did it, I went and got myself one of those new fangled reading devices. So far I am really liking it, I really like the fact that it is lighter than most of my reading material and Ebi-kun is liking it too, which may pose as a problem at some stage.

Of course, after buying it, I realized that I needed a cover too. I had a look at various designs and decided that what I wanted was a protective pouch rather than something that stays on the kindle as you read it. I had a dig through my stash and found some lovely thick felt and some scraps of sparkly orange that was left over from Ebi-kun's Space Bedroom makeover.

This case was super easy to make, took me, maybe 15 minutes to sew it up, at the most.

What you need:

Thick felt (3mm)
Non fray fabric for the flap, or contrasting felt
Ribbon or tape
Co-ordinating thread

The actual measurements are for a kindle paperwhite but you might have a different model. If you are using a kindle fire, I believe they are thicker so you will need to add some extra*, use your best judgement!

1. Measure the width of your device then add 3cm* (11.5cm + 3cm =14.5cm)
2. Measure the height of your device and add 2.5cm* (16.5cm + 2.5cm = 19cm)
3. Cut 2x pieces that are your new width x new height from your felt
4. Cut 1x 30cm x 10cm from your felt
5. Cut 1x 32cm x 12cm from you contrast fabric or felt
6. Cut your ribbon or tape the final width + 2cm (14.5cm + 2cm = 16.5cm)

Let's sew!

First the flap. Place the two flap pieces together and sew completely round the edge. Now trim off the excess contrast fabric or felt.

Take the back piece of the cover and sew the flap to it, the bottom of the flap should be about 6cm from the base of the cover, it is not an exact science, whatever looks good! Sew from the top edge of the cover, down the side of the flap, along the bottom and back up the other side. DON'T sew along the top, this will be a pocket for your cable.

Now align the front and back cover, pin to keep in place. If you like, you can round the bottom corners or just leave them square, decide before you sew.
Also pin the tape or ribbon in place, about 9cm from the top. Tuck the ends between the front and back pieces. Sew around the edges.

Trim any loose ends and you are done!
Pop your kindle in side and head off to the coffee shop.

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