Friday 16 August 2013

Easy Thank You Cards

I always make sure that thank you cards are sent after we have received gifts, especially when we didn't receive them in person. This years birthday thank you's were a bit of a play on words. Sensei Wu is the Ninjago ninja teacher, so we made Thank Wu cards hahahah, yes, I crack myself up sometimes.

Anyway, if you are having a ninjago party then these cards are dead easy to make.

You need:
A circle in yellow
A triangle in brown/beige
White paper for beard and moustache
Black pen
Folded card

I used my Friskars cutter to do the circles, Ebi-kun cut of the hats. We made one card first then used the beard and tache from the first card as a template for the others. Stick the circle down first, then the hat, beard and finally the moustache. Then draw on the eyes.

Stamp or write Thank Wu on the bottom and you are done - well except for writing the message inside. Because it was fun to make the cards I didn't need any type of bribery or threats to get Ebi-kun to write his message inside!

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