Thursday 29 August 2013

Ghosts, Underpants and Stars....

We decided to check out the kid orientated exhibition, Ghosts, Underpants and Stars at the Tokyo Museum of Contempoary Art. I have to say, it was work the really long trek to get there.

The first room consisted of lots or string swith clips hanging on them, the clips had all sorts of items attached. The idea was to pic something and wear it, so make a change yourself. There were no rules of what you had to do with what you chose and you got to keep it at the end. We tried some hats....

And a rather amusing mustache...

But he settled on a fancy tail (and wore it for the rest of the day)

Once you had changed something about yourself it was time to explore the different exhibits. They were all hands on and interactive, encouraging the kids to get involved with the art plus parents were encoursged to take photos.

Looking at stars in the ghost room...

This room was the stars and required some complicated form to be filled in using an instruction panel and dice in a jar. We managed to figure it out between us!

When it was done, it contained your own unique constellation which then got hung on display.

This was the underpants room, Ebi-kun made several suggestions on how they could have made it more interesting, including designing your own underpants!

The penultimate room was so much fun, we spent ages in there. It was a box in the room, the 4 sides have paintings like a proper gallery but you can also go inside the box and have fun behind the scenes, like sticking your head in the painting...

Becoming a ghostly piece of art...

Or poking your arms out of the picture and grabbing someone! Ebi-kun got a real kick out of making a group of JH school scream and I scared the pants off a couple of moms with the spooky eyes moving. As I said, so much fun. I think many of the Tokyo kids must be back at school already because it wasn't very busy at all.

The final room was also a lot of fun, there were bolts of fabric and piles of scraps, you could use any of it and make an outfit or costume. Ebi-kun found some furry animal print fabric so we turned him into a little monster. When you have finished there is a camera so you take a photo of yourself in your creation and it gets posted to the gallery, (you can see a girl in the background being photographed). Again, you can keep what you make, so I had a little monster accompany for the rest of the day.

The ticket was ¥1000 for me and included entrance to the permanent exhibition and Ebi-kun was free. We did this exhibit first then went out for something for lunch and returned to do the permanent exhibit. If you are in Tokyo I can't recommend this highly enough, it was so much fun! All the info can be found HERE.


  1. Hi Jo!!
    After reading your post yesterday morning I went to the museum with my two boys. We had a great time, the kids enjoy a lot. I bought the ticket like you, but the boys also went to see the Manga one since it was free for them.
    Thank you so much for sharing all this info, we had a great day thanks to you.


    1. Great!
      We didn't both with the manga one since Ebi-kun wasn't interested in seeing it. I'm glad you had a fun time!


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