Saturday 14 September 2013

Sick Days

Being an entrepreneur rocks, well most of the time. Of course I don't have the predictability of a regular monthly income but I do get to work when I like and where I like. Now I have a laptop I can pretty much just up and go whenever the mood takes me.

It also means that I can fit my hours around Ebi-kuns schedule, if he has a holiday or half day from school, I don't need to worry about finding child care, I can just work around it. But, I have to admit, this week has been rather tough. Ebi-kun has had 3 days off school because of a fever, well it started as a fever and ended up with a sore throat. The fever was easier to deal with because he was happy just crashed out on the sofa, watching TV or reading a book. Once the fever had gone, then it gets tricky because he wants to play, do stuff, witter in  my ear for hours on end!

In the school holidays, I can send him outside to play but not when he is off sick! He can't swallow very well so he won't manage a school dinner so I have him under-foot. Of course, I still have a certain amount of work to do, so in the morning I have set him some puzzles and maths quizzes to do,  I will have to take some time off in the afternoon to play games, read books and maybe watch some Bear Gyrlls: Man vs Wild - we are addicted to his shows!

Whenever Ebi-kun is sick he always asks for chow-chow and soldiers, bread soldiers in this case, toast is too difficult to swallow. The other favourite is soup, must be homemade! Chow-chow is actually boiled egg chopped up with tomatoes and mayo, quite partial to it myself!

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