Friday 13 September 2013

Back on a cheese making kick...

This is last weeks ricotta or technically cottage cheese although it tastes more like ricotta to me! I have the recipe here, dead easy to make!

Sunday night we always have homemade pizza, nice and simple, ricotta & tomato sauce with mini tomatoes and parma ham, lovely-jumbly!

And a university favourite, pasta with passata and ricotta sauce, my husband bought home some lovely french sticks (he designs industrial mixing machines that are often used in bakeries, on test days he gets to bring yummy cakes and bread home!) and char grilled veg.

Do you have a favourite recipe that uses ricotta?

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  1. We're a fan of cannelloni around here (basically ricotta, chopped spinach, garlic, some bolognese spice, parmesan cheese in cannelloni shells then topped with your favourite pasta sauce and some cheese). Traditional recipes use other spices (cloves/etc) but we're happy to have it without :-)


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