Thursday 12 September 2013

Summer holiday project

Ebi-kun had to make a project for school, the rules are very open and pretty much anything goes. After much umming and ahhing he finally decided he wanted to make an electronic quiz. He had most of the parts he needed in the project book we bought, although this wasn't one of the projects in the book.

First he made the part of the circuit with the light and the battery, this is actually just a very simple electronic circuit and was the perfect level to introduce electricity and current. 

Next he made the box, he drafted everything on paper first and the on the back there are cables connecting the kanji with it's correct meaning. He used brads/paper fasteners for the connectors. Once it was all set up, he tested it. I showed him what to do if it wasn't working.
Test that the bulb is screwed in properly and check all the wire connections are good. When he made the second quiz, this stood him in good stead because he was able to figure out what wasn't working by himself.

The idea is that you place the metal end of the white wire on one of the connectors, dog for example then you place the red wire on the connector that has the matching picture, if you get it right, the bulb lights up!

He took it in to school but said most of his friends said it was too difficult! 

***UPDATE*** Ebi-kuns project was the only one from his class chosen for an exhibition on innovation and will be shown with other projects from 5 surrounding cities! He was pretty chuffed about it!


  1. That looks awesome! Well done Ebi-kun - I'm impressed!

  2. That's a very cool! Congratulations Ebi-kun.

  3. I've been eager to start circuitry with my little guy. This is good inspiration.


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